Innovative solar covering elements for pitched roofs – Solar tile New Roof® - EU PATENT 2.297.529

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NEWROOF-THERMAL is made of a 1 mm thick aluminum die-cast aluminum alloy 6060 alloy, on which a solar glass is mounted with a structural silicone joint; under a sheet of plastic also 1mm; inside a absorbent with selective surface absorbing solar heat and transmitting it to a copper coil whose terminals are welded to a brass fitting for the hydraulic connection; a compact high-density polyurethane layer (density: 40 Kg / m³) is continuously foamed. The metal support is painted with polyester powder in any RAL.

Thermal tile price: € 230,00 (€/mq 460,00)




Purpose of the product?

Integrate renewable energies in pitched roofs from both an architectural point of view and color .For ARCHITECTURAL INTEGRATION we mean that the product is installed in place of the tile / tile. For INTEGRATION CHROMATIC we mean that the product can be supplied in all possible colors and for existing roofs, in a color similar to that of the roof tiles / tile existing.

Advantages: access to the bond landscape areas, historic centers (where possible).

Our products require the intallation of structures as anchor for traditional panels?

No, our product is installed directly sull'orditura the existing roof by simple mounting with easy availability screws (need a drill and a screwdriver).

Advantages: lower installation times, savings in terms of installation cost.

How we lay our products above roof?

I prodotti della nostra gamma hanno tutti dimensione 2 m x 50 cm . In fase di posa ogni elemento viene installato in sormonto parziale a quello successivo . L’entità del sormonto dipende dal passo della tegola esistente (caso di falda parzialmente ricoperta) oppure dal passo dell’orditura sottostante (cioè dei travetti) nel caso di tetto ricoperto totalmente dai nostri prodotti. L‘orditura sottostante deve essere quella del tetto.

Per la versione fotovoltaica occorre assolutamente che il tetto sia di tipo VENTILATO; qualora non lo fosse occorre creare laventilazione con una seconda pos di listelli incrociati; Per le altre versioni non ènecessario ma solo consigliato.

Is it guaranteed the protection from infiltration rainwater?

The particular type of laying in overlap ensures the correct flow of water (for our product the minimum tilt is equal to that of the traditional roof tiles also reported in the manuals). In the connecting zones between our product and the traditional tile, we supplied an optional element, precisely fitting, consisting of a sheath to be laid under the existing roof tiles and in turn anchored to the side profile of our product See also the installation manual available.

Is it possible to cover only part of the flap with our product?

Yes. Where there is a need for user consumption that would not have to cover all the available area, our products are supplied with an optional element of connection between our element and existing tile (see also FAQ 4).

How many square meters deals a photovoltaic 3 KW with tiles newroof photovolt?

We can say that the average total surface area of about 24-25 square meters (8 m2 for a kw installed), that is, as for conventional solar panels. The surface occupied may also be higher or lower depending on the overlap conferred in laying phase.

A photovoltaic tiles with our solar ey-photovolt requires special configuration level plant?

No. The system configuration remains the same as performed with traditional panels.

QHow many tiles ey-thermo (only for domestic hot water production) are needed to meet the requirements of a 50 litre / person to 45°?

For a family of 4 (hypotheses least 300 liters of hot water) the number of required solar shingles EY-THERMO should be at least 10-12.

A solar thermal with our tiles ey-thermo requires special configuration level plant?

No. The system configuration remains the same as performed with traditional panels / collectors.

Products are guaranteed?

Yes. The NEW ROOF PHOTOVOLTAIC products products are supplied with 10-year warranty against defects in manufacturing while the NEWROOF THERMAL and HYBRID the guarantee is 5 years.

Are our product patente?

Yes. Our products are equipped with Italian and European patent.

Events in which we have participated?

SSOLAREXPO MILAN and VERONA-2014, SAIE Bologna-2015 are among the most important trade fairs in which we participated. Novembre 2017 KLIMAHOUSE - LECCO.


Who are able to convey the most of our products, so installers, technical studies (engineers and architects), manufacturers, large-scale distributors and final customers.


Stand out among all the one established with the Politecnico di Milano which tested our product EY-HYBRID comparing it with traditional hybrid panels available on the market (ALEO SOLAR, BRANDONI SOLAR). The test results were more than soddisfacienti. The NEWROOF HYBRID product is used for testing activity of which we have the results in a few months.

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